Acres Homes gets early start on observing Memorial Day

HOUSTON– In honor of upcoming Memorial Day, veterans and their family members from the Acres Homes community gathered to show respect and honor those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

“Veterans are sometimes left behind and they’ve sacrificed so much. They’ve given up so much time of their personal life and sacrificed their lives and so it’s really-really important that we show our respect to them and we let them know that here in the acres home community that we definitely care about them,” said community advocate Renee Jefferson Smith.

Students from Eisenhower High School Color Guard opened the ceremony followed by a meal, care packages give away and a proclamation from Mayor Sylvester Turner’s office.

Over 50 veteran’s or family members of a veteran were in attendance.

“I’ve lost lots of friends lots of brothers and sisters. There’s a lot of people you remember along the way on Memorial Day, it’s about those that are no longer with us, that gave their life and paid the ultimate sacrifice,” said Ronald Lehmiller.

And even the youngest attendees hold on to the memories.

“These were my grandfathers` dog tags, and his name was Yore Smith and he fought in the Army,” said young Kyre Smith.

So as we approach the national holiday, keep in mind what it’s really all about.

“I think the meaning of Memorial Day absolutely gets lost with all of the excitement behind activities, and that’s why it was important for me to have this event in the community to focus or zoom in on our veterans within the community,” said Smith.

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