You Should B Here – Renee’s Plan

Improve District B’s Housing and Neighborhoods

  • Ensure residents have access to quality affordable housing
  • Create after school programs/ centers dedicated to developing District B children through strong partnerships with school board members and non-profit organizations located in the district
  • Tackle illegal dumping and improper use of green space
  • Revitalize our neighborhoods with beautification projects while also curbing gentrification efforts to maintain the integrity of District B’s neighborhoods

Strengthen District B’s Health and Wellness Equality

  • Strongly push for better access to medical care within the district
  • Implement more health and wellness programs for treatment and preventative care
  • Support incentivizing construction of grocery stores and a healthy food corner store network within the district

Grow District B’s Economic Development

  • Attract new businesses to stimulate district economy and to provide more jobs within the community
  • Create a business incubator within the district to provide guidance and office space for small business owners as well as technical and vocational training programs
  • Work to create more tax increment reinvestment zones